Ricoh Unified Communications System P3500 & Interactive Whitboard D550

Share information virtually anywhere at any time by using the RICOH Unified Communication System UCS P3500 for audiences in up to 20 locations. Combine video, audio, text, interactive media and more in one powerful, compact, cloud-based system that you can take with you and set up in minutes.

Simply connect the UCS P3500 directly to a projector, monitor or TV via VGA or HDMI cable to begin the meeting. Your audience can join in by plugging into another UCS P3500, computer or mobile application. The UCS P3500 offers fast, convenient and affordable meetings with audiences of almost any size, from the workstation to large conference rooms. With a 2.0 megapixel camera, which includes an expansive 125-degree wide-angle view, you can see every participant clearly and even zoom in on individual speakers.

You can add a RICOH Interactive Whiteboard D5500 to secure high quality, collaborative presentations. Present drawings, review designs and share meeting notes in real-time with both on-site and remote audiences. A maximum of four RICOH Interactive Whiteboards or Ricoh Business Projection Systems can participate in a meeting session. Each of those four locations can support up to 20 remote viewers.

Bring meetings with you, wherever you go. Carry the compact, lightweight system with you and set it up in moments, wherever you are. The USC P3500 is about the size of a laptop and includes a small camera, microphone and speakers all tucked inside a soft-sided case. Use this convenient portable system to share real-time video, audio and document files to a wider audience for less cost without taxing your IT resources or your budget.

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