IT Outsourcing and Cloud Services

We invest in enterprise-class hardware, software, training, automation, data centers and more so we can troubleshoot any issue at any time.

Total IT Help Desk

Most small and medium sized businesses do not have the resources to resolve technical issues with everyday devices; including workstations, laptops, smart phones and more. Business slows or even stops as workers wait for resolution. We offer technical assistance 24/7, 365 days a year so your devices keep working and you stay productive.

Server Management

Server downtime brings your entire business down with it. Whether your servers are on premise, in a data center or in the cloud, we keep them operational all day, every day. We monitor servers around the clock, so we can resolve issues before they affect your business.

Take advantage of patch management, virus protection, inventory reporting, remediation and more. Or add advanced troubleshooting and diagnostics along with incident management from our experienced team of professional technicians.

Hosted Exchange Email

Every organization needs an email solution to conduct everyday business. Differentiate yourself by letting us manage your hosted exchange email. Whether you are collaborating via email, adding important meetings on a calendar or checking for contacts, it is all at your fingertips. You will receive more email storage, so you can accept even the largest attachments without bogging down the network. Every email is replicated in real-time, so it can be delivered and accessed with 99.999% accuracy.

Email Archiving

It is not enough to store archive email in personal storage (PST) files. Randomly searching for specific information can take hours, days or even weeks. Let us do it for you – in accordance with new state and federal laws. We can do it cost effectively so you can minimize storage costs and improve productivity.

Combine our email archiving service and hosted exchange mail services for a comprehensive one-stop solution to simplify management and reduce operating costs.

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