Digital Imaging Services

Managing hardcopy documents can be time consuming, error prone and expensive. That is why Digital Imaging Services is an ideal, cost effective resource for organizations seeking to scan, organize and index high volumes of documents. Whether on site or at one of 40 secure national processing facilities, teams of highly trained technicians can scan and index millions of pages per month. Documents and data are protected by multilevel “chain of custody” security systems and robust disaster recovery systems.

Digital Imaging Services provides a secure resource for organizations to outsource scanning and indexing tasks, thereby unburdening internal resources and minimizing headcount. Proprietary and comprehensive document scanning and indexing processes protects against physical and logical security as well as longevity threats. It also provides an easy to search archive for audits and other compliance related activities.

Scanning Paper and Film

The conversion of large volumes of hardcopy documents to digital files is complex and labor intensive. Our resources are able to scan and index virtually any type of color or black and white document, from receipts and index cards to large maps and engineering drawings. Digital Imaging Services can even scan microfilmed documents, including roll film, microfiche and aperture cards.

Image and Data Conversion Services

Digital Imaging Services has the experience and expertise to provide seamless media conversion to migrate existing images and metadata to a new document managing system. We support a wide range of industry standard and vendor specific formats.

Turnkey Project Management

The Digital Imaging Services team comprises industry professionals trained in the principles of the Project Management Institute. Project managers are assigned to every engagement and implement strategic procedures to ensure work is completed accurately to accommodate your schedule, requirements and budget.

Security and Confidentiality

We ensure complete document security and project confidentiality through the use of audit trails, background checks and a wide range of logical and physical security systems. The same policies, procedures and equipment are used for every engagement to promote consistent security throughout the project lifecycle. Employees complete a background check, submit to periodic drug tests and sign a confidentiality agreement. Advanced encryption technologies provide strong logical security.

Onsite or Offsite Conversion Services

Our team is ready with flexible, scalable conversion services – for any size production, any time, any place. Choose from more than 40 secure national processing centers or rely on a dedicated onsite operation team for fast, responsive service customized to meet your specific requirements.

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